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Tattoo Lettering Designs

Over the past few years tattoo designs have become more and more popular with people from all different backgrounds and societies. Many choose to have a tattoo lettering design. There are many reasons why an individual may choose to have a tattoo lettering design; some are very personal and sentimental whilst others are just because they like the idea of having a tattoo lettering design.

tattoo letteringTattoo Lettering
When choosing a tattoo lettering design there are many different things to consider. The most important factor when considering a tattoo is knowing that it is permanent and will stay with you forever so take plenty of time considering your design so that you won’t regret it in the future. There are many people who have had a tattoo because their friends have had one and they have regretted it in future because they haven’t taken the time to consider their design.

There are many different tattoo lettering designs for the individual to choose from as there are a wide range of different style fonts available. You could choose to have a scripted style font in italic or even thick black lettering.

People choose to have a tattoo lettering design to represent several different things such as the birth of a new baby born baby and to symbolize their loved ones. Many people choose to represent a loved one whose life has been cut short and this is a way of keeping those loved ones close to their heart. You could also have a tattoo lettering design together with a symbol such as a cross or a tomb stone. You could also have a tribal design with the name of your loved one blended into the design so it looks obscure unless you take a closer look.

As well as English tattoo lettering designs you could also opt for another language to represent the name in which you choose to have placed on your body. Some of the most popular choices of tattoo lettering designs other than English are Arabic, Chinese and Hebrew.

for those who like to represent their religious beliefs by having a tattoo lettering design can choose to take a particular scripture from their holy book such as the bible or Qur’an.

Alternatively you could choose to have a poem or lyrics from a favorite song which in some from or another will represent your personality or symbolize your beliefs.

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