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10 Impressive Forearm Tattoos for Men

man tribal tattoo

Tattoos have been around for centuries, but over the last few decades, they’ve become an iconic part of people’s style. I personally REALLY like the way a man looks with tattoos. Especially when you can see them poking out of his professional clothes. Whew! That gets me all excited! Let’s talk about 10 impressive forearm … Read more

3D Tattoo Designs

3D Tattoo

3D tattoo designs are become trendy and many people are keen to get one to pierce on their body. 3D tattoos also getting flaunted by many celebrities as they symbolize passion. These types of 3D tattoo designs can be distinctive style of tattooing that contributes realism and depth to the body. This is successfully done with the addition of a shadow to the design so it will be appear to be as part of your skin.