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Tribal Tattoo Designs

Back in the old days, tribal communities used to wear their tribal tattoo designs not for anything else but for their identification. The different tribes have their own tattoo designs that tell about the origin of a member who wears a particular tattoo. Tribe members rely on their tattoo designs to identify each other. Their tattoo designs may also speak about their social status in a particular tribe. Usually, the bigger the tattoo, the higher the rank the member holds in the tribe.

tribal tattoo designs for men
tribal tattoo designs for men

Tribal tattoo designs back then were also regarded to possess a magical power that can heal, and protect a person. Getting a tattoo is also an important event in a tribal member since this signifies a boy’s transformation into manhood and a girl’s passage to womanhood.

Today is a totally different story. People do not wear a tribal tattoo as a form of identification, as a social status, or as an important ritual. None of these applies for a modern man or woman. Now, people choose from the different tribal tattoo designs regardless if they are members of this particular tribe or not. Modern tribal tattoo designs are stripped of their social meanings. A lot of people are just fascinated with the intricate interlocking patterns of tribal tattoo designs. The visual appeal of tribal tattoo designs compliment a person with both a bold and adventurous personality. There are other people who have a great sense for arts and beauty, wear a particular tribal tattoo design to show off the beautiful contours in their body.

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