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Searching For A Devil Tattoo Design

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Why waste time reading a lot other resources when this article contains everything you have been looking for?

Some people foolishly get tattoos. There are better uses for the arm than to be a canvas for bad pictures. But when that turns to the subject of the dark with something like devil tattoos marks the height of the tattoo craziness. Don’t worry, these don’t have to be evil.

devil tattoo

The Devil is the ultimate evil. It’s a concept common to many of the west’s religions. Even the Muslims have a devil. Some of the names for the devil are Satan and Lucifer. Strictly speaking these are names for individual demons. They aren’t all evil. All of these are featured in various devil tattoos.

Here is the story of the devil in the Christian tradition. Lucifer was an Archangel second only to God in all the universe. He was considered the first among equals in the ranks of Archangels. But Lucifer became jealous of God himself. He wanted to rule over all of creation. Lucifer recruited other angels in a revolt against God. God, Michael, and the other Archangels and Angels still loyal to God defeated Lucifer and his forces. The fallen archangel and his minions were cast out of heaven. This myth is a popular subject for devil tattoos.

A good shepherd must fleece his sheep, not flay them.

Devil Tattoos get their name from old English. So does the name of the devil, of course. Devil comes from the Old English word deofol which was derived from the Latin diabolus. That came from the Greek diabolos. The word means to slander across or to hurl slander. It now means the ruler of hell. Outside of English the word devil comes from words meaning angel. But they hold quite a different regard for an angel and a devil. Devil tattoos take their inspiration from all of these elements.

devil tattoo
devil tattoo

A certain connotation goes along with devil tattoos. A person who wears one is considered a little evil. It could also mean mischief, or lewd behavior . It’s not necessarily the mark of a criminal. Generally it takes a certain kind of person to wear one.

Sometimes devil tattoos can carry a negative image. Sometimes people see them as a demon mark. In other words, somebody with such a tattoo is a servant of the devil. That’s likely not true.


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