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How To Choose The Best Tattoo Artist

Is there a best tattoo artist in the world? Not really. Beauty always lies in the eyes of the beholder. What may be the best tattoo design to you may be mediocre to others. But choosing the right tattoo design artist to ink it on your body is vital. Most people can design a tattoo, but not everyone can design the right one for you. Here are a few tips to help you choose the right tattoo artist.

tattoo artist
tattoo artist

1. Look at his testimonials and portfolio

His tattoos portfolio will show you the designs and projects he has done for his clients. Unless he copies from other tattoo artists, his actual work will indicate to you what you can expect. When you are browsing his portfolio, watch out for design diversity. See if he specializes in any particular kind of tattoos, or if he is just good at designing tribal tattoos. Some tattoo artists create new designs by using the basic outline of another, and you may end up with duplicates or similar tattoo designs.

2. Attention to detail

The best tattoo designs have very fine details that makes the tattoo stand out from others. Without these details, the tattoo loses its glow and charm. But tattoos are not like digital art or paper and pen drawings, they are permanent ink which is very difficult to remove once it is done. A detail tattoo artist would have to be very precise and patient when he is working on your body. So look for an artist who has a reputation of paying attention to details. A sloppy tattoo artist will kill the best design you have and make you regret tattooing in the first place.

3. Customer service

A good tattoo artist values the opinion and feedback of his customers. He must be able to give suggestions and respect your wishes and desires of the perfect tattoo design. Some tattoo artists would try to push you into a deal, walk away if he does that. The best tattoo artist would make his recommendations but would allow you to think about it seriously before making that decision. They should know that it will be difficult to change the designs should you have second thoughts about the tattoo.

The tattoo artist would make him available through email or phone to answer your questions or even to calm your anxieties before and after inking the tattoo. Some would worry about the pain of the needles or some would be nervous about the whole tattooing process. So like a doctor, he may want to relax the customer first and explain the whole tattooing procedure to him or her. Would the tattoo artist provide ‘after sales’ service or he would disappear after the sales is made. It would then be best to discuss and address all your concerns first before making any agreement with the tattoo artist.

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