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Is TCA A Good Solution for Tattoo Removal?

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TCA (trichloroacetic acid) is a skin peeling agent used for dermatology conditions to remove acne scars, fine lines and wrinkles on the face. But is it an effective solution for tattoo removal?

As with all tattoo removal solutions available today there seems to be no shortage on the varying results. There are many different solutions for tattoo removal today including: pulsed light, laser, fade creams, cryosurgery, salabrasion and skin peel with acids. All of these methods for tattoo removal claim to be the best.

Trichloroacetic Acid Solution
Trichloroacetic Acid Solution TCA 100% Concentrated Chemical Skin Peel 4ml.

Many Factors Can Be Affected

It should come as no surprise, that results with these methods seem to vary with each person and their tattoos, because so many factors come into play. How well a tattoo vanishesare affected by the following: skin type and color, how rapidly a person’s body heals, the age of the tattoo, what colors are in the tattoo, type of ink, depth of the ink, where on the body the tattoo is located and more.

TCA however, does have two medical studies published in the British Journal of Plastic Surgery and the South African Medical Journal. In both of these studies positive results were observed. Each study reported similar results that TCA treatment for tattoo removal was found to be simple, safe and effective as an tattoo removing product with an 85% success rate for either removing or fading the tattoos on subjects that were tested.

Control Skin Surface Inflammation

TCA works by creating a controlled inflammation on the surface of the skin. It is applied with a q-tip directly on the tattoo. The pigments from the ink break apart and seperate as the TCA works its way into the skin and rise to the top. As part of the healing process, the top layer of skin will peel away. A persons body will naturally re-grow the skin. This process is repeated as frequently as needed to get the desired results. It is usually repeated every six weeks, depending on how fast the person heals.

It is recommended to keep the area protected from the sun during the complete process. It will be very vulnerable to damage by the sun, because new skin is so photo-sensitive.

Surprisingly, TCA is reported to work very well on most every type of ink color. Even the colors that seem to not work well with the laser procerdure seem to fade with TCA.

Some people seeking the ultimate solution for tattoo removal will use the cream products or undergo the TCA skin peel process first to lighten the tattoo, and then have the laser treatment done. That way the laser procedure, which seems to be the best overall solution, is not as costly and extensive.


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