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All About the Cross Tattoos of Tattoo Drawings

Latin Cross Tattoo

Latin Cross Tattoo

Nobody knows accurately when and where tattoo drawings of crosses originated from. We only know that its basic style has been found in artifacts, like carving, painting and pottery etc, of historical cultures. Its background stretches back to the BC era when the Egyptians and Babylonians had been at the height of their civilizations. It was also used by several pagan religions to signify aspects of life.

Despite its symbolism of various religions, tattoo drawings of crosses have been and remain much popular designs ranging from the very simple to the ornate.

Christian or Latin Cross

The most common of all tattoo crosses. It could be as simple as just simply two lines crossing each other. However, it represents a strong and individual belief for the wearer of the Orlando faith.

Celtic Cross

Another very popular and frequent tattoo crosses. It functions even more ornate and complicated style

Celtic Cross Tattoo

Celtic Cross Tattoo

elements of loops without ending that symbolize a constant routine of dying and rebirth and the interlacing of the knots expressing the repeated crossing of both actual and spiritual elements.


Gothic Cross Tattoo

The Gothic Cross

Considered to have German origins and incredibly popular with folks of the Gothic actions. It features design components of knives or dagger, covered with barbed cable and red bloodstream, all put together to make a quite disturbing and daring imagery.

The Tau Cross

Also referred to as the Egyptians cross. It is just a basic cross with outlines crossing each in a T-like form. St Francis is thought to purchased the Tau cross as his signature.

The Ankh Cross

It is closely linked to the Tau cross with the help of a loop at the top of the T-form. Another name for this is the Key element of the Nile.

Ankh Cross Tattoo

Ankh Cross Tattoo


Tau Cross Tattoo

The Maltese Cross

Its design comprises of eight equal size arms shifting towards and becoming a member of at the middle, rendering it an eight-pointed cross.

These are are just some of the many variants of tattoo drawings of crosses. Lots of people have even incorporated style elements from the many crosses within their tattoos. Tattoo artists can simply offer you an infinite mixture and designs of the many cross tattoos.

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Maltese Cross tattoo

Maltese Cross tattoo

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