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Tattoo of Edelweiss

So, You’ve Decided To Get A Tattoo of Edelweiss

Now what? You need to determine where on your body you want the tattoo of edelweiss, what exact design you want and what artist to stick the ink in. You just can’t get an edelweiss tattoo on a whim – which is, on the one hand, a very good thing. Otherwise, people would be walking around with a skull and crossbones on their forehead! Do a little comparison shopping and, above all, be patient.

edelweiss tattoo
edelweiss tattoo

Temporary Tattoos

Determining what part of your body should get the tattoo of edelweiss is where the help of temporary tattoos really shine. You can find temporary tattoos in gift shops, toy stores and on line. You can usually find temporary flower tattoos, as they are very popular. You just place them on the skin, wet the back and after a while, peel the paper off. (Be sure to read the instructions). When figuring out exactly where to place the permanent flower tattoo, you must ensure that you can reach the area easily to clean it. You also might want to consider more numb areas of your body, like your ankles or shoulder, as the needles will hurt beyond belief. If you are worried about your boss or your relatives not liking the tattoo of edelweiss, consider getting it placed where clothes can easily cover it up entirely.

Picking A Flower Design

There are many online sites that feature tattoo galleries and stencil of flower tattoo designs. Many of these stencils are free. Stencils are strong black outlines of your tattoo. It’s like a coloring book design. The tattoo artist needs this stencil to best do his job in the quickest time possible. You might be able to draw a tattoo stencil yourself, IF you are good at drawing.

Picking A Tattoo artist

Although you might not have much of a choice as to what tattoo parlor to go to, check it our first to be sure it is clean and that the artists use sterile equipment and surgical gloves. Sometimes they may also wear surgical masks, although this is strictly not essential. All of the artists there will usually have portfolios of their work. This is the best way that you can find an artist who is best suited to do your chosen design. They might even have designs that you like better than what you saw online. They will also have stencils for any design that they sell.

So, here’s hoping your tattoo of edelweiss turns out to be everything you could hope for!

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