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Ideas For Uplifting Quotes For Tattoos

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One of the hardest parts about getting a tattoo is deciding what tattoo you want to get. However, it is important not to rush into a decision, since tattoos are permanent. One tattoo theme that has been popular for years is to get a positive quote or affirmation tattoo. Once you have decided that an uplifting quote is the type of tattoo you want to get, you then must decide exactly what kind of quote you want for your tattoo. To help you choose what tattoo to get, here are some examples of the most popular positive quote tattoos that people get.

Religious Verses/Quotes: Many people choose to use a quote that pertains to their religion for their tattoos. This can be a great option for people who have strong feelings for, or are driven by, their religion. Having a reminder of the force that you believe in, and keeps you going in your daily life, can be uplifting on a day to day basis.

Movie, Book and Song Quotes: This is another great option for tattoos; if you are not keen on the idea of a religious tattoo, but have a particular book, movie or song that had an impact on your life, finding a quote from that could be a good option. Having a daily reminder of a truly memorable or uplifting movie, book or song can bring back the feelings from that experience, and help you put your daily life into perspective. A couple examples of popular quotes in this category are: the Bob Marley song lyric “As it was in the Beginning, one love, So shall it be in the end, one heart”, this quote comments on how love is eternal; the other quote that is popular for tattoos, is the line “Defy Gravity” from the Broadway musical “Wicked”.

Cultural Proverbs or Sayings: This final category is one of the most commonly used; proverbs give one a reminder of how precious life is, or act as a guideline by which to live one’s life. Common proverbs people use for tattoos include ones that remark on how short our lives are, and thus how important it is to make the most of each day that we have; one such quote that is popular states “One Life, One Chance”.

While this is by no means an extensive list of the possibilities you can choose from for positive quotes to use for a tattoo, this is a good list to provide you with a general idea of what kind of tattoo you want to get. Choosing the quote that you will use as a tattoo can be a daunting task, since tattoos are so difficult and expensive to remove. A good way to decide if the quote you have chosen will be a good tattoo for you, is to first get the quote airbrushed on your body. This will give you the opportunity to take a couple weeks to decide if you have chosen the right quote, before getting a real tattoo.

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