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Cherry Blossom Tattoos: Meaning and Significance

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Cherry blossom tattoos are a very popular choice for women. Many women decide they want cherry blossom tattoos due to the delicate nature of the cherry and the many things which are associated with the cherry blossom. Japanese and Chinese cultures both see the cherry blossom as significant.

It’s important that you know the symbolic meaning of the cherry blossom in different cultures if you are thinking about this type of tattoo. The cherry blossom is a great example of tattoos that are chosen for their symbolic significance among other things. Many people tend to blend or confuse the beliefs and customs of the Japanese and Chinese cultures.

When looking at the cherry blossom, you need to recognize the differences as they are based on the culture. You should distinguish between whether you want a Chinese cherry blossom or a Japanese cherry blossom.

chinese cherry blossom tattoo
Chinese cherry blossom tattoo


Different Between Chinese and Japanese Cherry Blossom

The Chinese cheery blossom is considered a symbol of power. It usually is used to represent feminine beauty and sexuality. It has also been known to represent feminine dominance or the power of the feminine. It is also considered the symbol of love in the language of herbs and herbal lore.

The Japanese cherry blossom can have a very different meaning. In Japanese culture, the cherry blossom is a delicate flower that only blooms for a short period of time. This is often used to represent life. It also has a connection with the fundamental teachings of Buddha.

It is believed to be noble to not be too attached to a specific outcome or to become too emotional over things in life. A fallen cherry blossom is often used to represent the beauty of snow in the Japanese culture and it is also represented in Japanese literature as the life of a warrior slain in battle.

This is why if you’re thinking of getting a cherry blossom tattoo, you need to know which you want and what the significance of it is for you.

japanese cherry blossom tattoo

Get It On Your Body

You should think about what the cherry blossom really means to you before you get this tattoo permanently added to your body. And if neither of these meanings stands out to you but you want to get a tattoo just because you love cherries or the cherry blossom, this is ok, too.

There are also many different types of cherry blossom tattoos just like there are people who get them. There are many different places on the body where you can get these types of tattoos. Some of these tattoo designs are simple and small and others are large and complex.

They have been found on the wrist, ankle, back, shoulder, calves, abdomen, above the panty line, behind the ear, and on just about any other part of the body you can think of.

After all, cherry blossoms can be found alone or they can be part of another tattoo or a series of tattoos.


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