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Have Wrist Tattoo Designs For First Time

When an individual decides to have a tattoo for the 1st time, they run through a lot of emotions when deciding on what to have. There is a lot to consider when deciding on a new tattoo, one of the most important factors of choosing a new tattoo especially if it is for the first time is where you are going to place the tattoo.

Many people decide to have a small tattoo first as it won’t take too long to do or cost a fortune. An ever-increasing tattoo to go for is wrist tattoo designs.

Wrist tattoo designs are becoming more and more popular with both men and women If you are considering a wrist tattoo then you should be conscious of the fact that the tattoo will more than likely be exposed to the viewing public, especially when wearing a short sleeve t-shirt, this is something to consider when you are thinking of having a one.

Different Types of Wrist Tattoo Designs

wrist tattoo
wrist tattoo

One of the most common symbols seen on wrist tattoo designs is stars. Stars can be used as the primary symbol of your tattoo or used as a background feature of your design.

Having been around for many years the star symbol can represent a number of different meanings to different individuals and throughout history, it has symbolized many different things.

There are a wide variety of stars that can be incorporated into wrist tattoo designs. The Star of David which is a religious symbol showing the six-point star shows the meaning of faith towards the Jewish religion.

Many years ago the five-point star was a symbol of witchcraft and evil spirits and was seen as an unacceptable symbol, however, nowadays this star is probably the most popular star used. The star has five points with the midpoint of the design being equal distance to each point on the star.

Alternate Popular Choice

bracelet tattoo

Another popular choice is bands that go right around the wrist and act as a bracelet to the wearer. These bands can come in many different styles of tattoos such as a Celtic band or tribal design. Some people choose to have a band around the wrist with a break in the band showing a person’s name or initials.

This will usually represent a loved one and is a sign of commitment towards that person. There are also a number of other symbols used as wrist tattoo designs such as a butterfly which can represent new life or a cross which is also widely recognized as a symbol of Christianity.

Many famous celebrities have donned wrist tattoo designs which can sometimes play a part in its increasing popularity. Such names seen wearing wrist tattoo designs include actresses, Jessica Alba and Eva Longoria – Parker and singers Pink and Avril Lavigne. There are a vast amount of ideas on the internet when deciding on your wrist tattoo designs and there are many symbols that can be used t create the perfect tattoo for you.

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