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Why Turn Yourself Into A Female Tattoo Gallery

It seems more and more girls and women are using their bodies as walking female tattoo galleries. Perhaps the most famous female tattoo gallery is Angelina Jolie, who has several, especially now that Cher has had a few of hers removed. And the tattoos aren’t even just obvious ones of designs or symbols – some are walking female tattoo galleries of makeup tattoos. Yup – tattoos that make you look like you are wearing makeup. That means tattoo needles in the face. And they say women are the weaker sex.

female tattoo gallery
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Celebrating Milestones

One of the main reasons women get the more traditional body art is to celebrate a major milestone in their lives. Perhaps they found their “soul mates”. They get a tattoo. Then they get divorced. That’s another tattoo to obscure the first tattoo. Tattoos also are put on to memorialized dearly departed pets, family members and personal heroes. There are hundred of 9/11 themed tattoos on the bodies of Americans and those who lost someone during 9/11. (67 Britons were killed, for example). Any woman can turn her body into a female tattoo gallery to enshrine her life.

Permanent Makeup

Permanent makeup started as a way for those women with facial injuries to look somewhat normal. With the tremendous pressure on women’s appearance in the business world, any sign of age or abnormality is frowned upon. Some women also can’t wear makeup for various allergenic reasons – so instead, they get tattoos of them always looking as if they were just made up. Permanent make up includes putting on eyebrows (now that the fashion for plucking them out is gone), eyeliner, lip liner or blush.

Temporary Tattoos

One of the most fun things a man or a woman can do is try out temporary tattoos. You can usually find male and female tattoo galleries of design choices at toy stores, gift shops and department stores. They are also a good way of experimenting with body art without having to make a sticky commitment. They only last a week at the most. You just stick them on like a – well, like a sticker and they soon chip away.

Online Designs

Any tattoo parlor will feature books of their artists’ designs, including female tattoo galleries (which usually means tattoos especially chosen for women). Remember, that getting a tattoo will take several sessions without any sort of painkiller. Choose as simple a design as you can. You’ll need to get a stencil of the tattoo to give to the artist, which he or she will use as an outline. You can find these usually for free online.

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