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Where to Find a Dragon Tattoo Design

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You can basically get anything you want as a tattoo, but the dragon tattoo design is by far one of the most popular. There are many reasons for this, a few which will be discussed in more detail here, and if you are interested in or considering getting this type of tattoo for yourself, then you should read on so that you can find a more symbolic purpose for it and better make your final decision.

cool dragon tattoo
cool dragon tattoo


There are many different meanings that can be put behind a dragon tattoo, but in terms of the Chinese tattoos this is especially so. For centuries the dragon has been one of the most respected animals in Chinese culture, and a symbol of power and mystery. It has been depicted in a countless number of legends, and it malevolence and ferociousness is considered as being spectacular.

There are also several different species of Chinese dragons, each which has their own specific interpretations, but all which are considered as being glorious, powerful and mystical animals.


A dragon tattoo is great because it works well on both men and women, and because there can be so much variety incorporated into it. You can get different types of dragons, different colors, different sizes, and you can even combine it with other types of tattoos and come up with your own creative, personalized tattoo design.

Finding a Design

If you are really interested in getting a dragon tattoo, then you should take a bit of time and browse through some tattoo galleries, so that you can check out the different options and ideas and see if you can find one that you really love. Also remember that there will be lots of such tattoo designs to look at when you get to the actual tattoo parlor as well, and so you are definitely not going to be lacking in terms of options.

A dragon tattoo is also great because it will really never go out of style, and always makes for a beautiful, intriguing tattoo design. They are also usually one of most tattoo artists’ favorite designs to draw, and before you get your own tattoo, a good idea is to have the artist sketch the design out lightly on you first so that you can see what it will look like and decide for sure whether or not you want it permanent.

Dragon Tattoo Designs For Arms

Here are some of the cool dragon tattoo designs for arms that you can refer to if you intend to have a similar animal to inked on your arm.

dragon tattoo for arm 1

dragon tattoo for arm 2

dragon tattoo for arm 3

dragon tattoo for arm 4

Remember that selecting a Chinese tattoo deserves careful study and attention, and you should be aware of the specific meaning behind any dragon tattoo you are considering getting before going through with it.


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