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What is Welsh Tattoo Design?

If you are considering a tattoo, Welsh tattoo design may be of interest to you. The term Welsh refers to the area of Wales in the United Kingdom. It is commonly also referred to as Celtic. Celtic tattoos feature lots of tribal designs and other symbols.

You will find the real cream of tattoo designs are only in paid galleries such as Print My Tattoo. Paid tattoo design galleries operate with quality in mind, they are compelled to offer you only the best quality tattoo designs at a very competitive price.

One of the most popular tattoos of this type is the red Welsh dragon. Many cultures and regions use the dragon for their symbol, as does Wales. The Wales dragon dates back to 1346 which was when the Welsh fought in the battle of Crecy. The red dragon flag has been their preferred symbol since this time, with many legends being told about this mythic banner.

When researching Welsh tattoo design one thing you may learn is that the red dragon must be positioned with its right paw raised and facing to the left. This is according to the London College of Arms. Of course your dragon can look however you want it to look, after all it is going to be on your body. If the idea of having a red dragon tattooed on your body is a bit much for you, there are other significant designs to consider. Simple Celtic knotwork around your arm or ankle is a great way to show off your heritage. Celtic knot tattoos also work well on the upper and lower back area.

Before you actually get a tattoo you should think long and hard about whether or not this is the right thing for you. You don’t want to be one of those people who get a tattoo then regret it down the road. This happens a lot, just look at the popularity of laser tattoo removal. There are even tattoo removal creams on the market that claim to fade unwanted tattoos. These methods aren’t always 100 percent effective, and you may end up with a scar or simply a faded tattoo. One way to experiment with tattoos is to try temporary ones. Get a temporary tattoo that looks like the real one you want to get and try it on for awhile. This will give you a better idea as to how the real thing is going to look.

3D welsh tattoo design

Getting a tattoo can be an anxiety provoking experience. It is important to learn as much as you can about the procedure by first scheduling a consultation with the tattoo artist. They should explain the tattooing process to you step by step and show you around the shop. Make sure the shop has all required licenses displayed prominently.

There are certain requirements tattoo shops must adhere to for safety and health reasons. The most important thing when being tattooed is to stay completely still. If you need to take breaks tell your tattoo artist. After your tattoo is complete you will be told how to care for your tattoo. In order to keep your Welsh tattoo design looking its best you should avoid sun exposure and keep your tattoo protected with ointment and a bandage until the area heals.

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