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Trouble Getting Hired – Maybe It’s the Tattoos

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Could your tattoos be keeping you from getting a job today? It’s valid question you should ask yourself.

The economy is tough, jobs are hard to locate, but you are getting a few interviews, just not getting invited back for second interviews. What’s wrong with this picture?

Your Potential Employers Are Not Relish Of Your Body Art

The problem is your body art that remains visible after you are professionally dressed may be a turnoff to a future employer.

Now we know that it’s not something you want to hear, but if you have been going to lots of first interviews and not getting any invites to return for second interviews or job offers—it might just be the tattoos.

Employers are not supposed to hire or not hire based on the way people look. But companies can have standards for grooming. And it’s very possible those visible tattoos might just be causing employers to give higher consideration to candidates less tattooed than you.

It is true society is coming around and greater numbers of people are accepting tattoos and body art as the norm. But there are still some people out there that do not feel tattoos are appropriate in the work environment.

Here’s the key point to all of this: There is just no way of knowing if having visible tattoos is keeping you from getting that job-so why take a chance?

With jobs as challenging as they are to get these days, maybe it is time to think about removing your visible body art. We’re talking about tattoos around the face, neck, ears, hands, fingers and lower arm area.

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Various Tattoo Removal Solutions

There are several different] tattoo removal solutions today. Probably, the most popular is laser tattoo removal. This is a process that can take several visits and several months. With every visit the the tattoo is treated by the laser. Then the wound is given time to heal before you can return for the next treatment. The laser treatment process can be costly and painful, but, it is considered very effective.

You can also try to cover up the tattoo for the interview and at work with specially formulated makeup for tattoo concealment.

Another acceptable method involves creams. This seems to be more a fade process rather than removal. But, it is a lot less costly than laser treatment, is virtually painless and can take a lot less time. The results seem to vary from one person to the next and much depends on the tattoo, the ink used, age of the tattoo, and skin type. However, a large number of people get very good results with this method.

Often referred to as “Wrecking Ball”, the name is actually the Wrecking Balm Company and they make a very effective tattoo removal cream The company has do-it-yourself process that is 100% guaranteed. It actually is not a bad idea to give it a try. It costs a lot less than laser removal. It is much faster and guaranteed. If it doesn’t work, then save up and give laser removal a try. If you want to learn more about Wrecking Balm, take a look here.


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