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The Wonderful Meaning of Butterfly Tattoos

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Butterfly Tattoos is one of the popular tattoo designs around the world. It is a symbol of natural splendor and independence. There are also a lot of references to butterflies in history. It is an awe-inspiring creature discovered in Greek mythology and other civilizations. Therefore, it is given their special meaning in nearly every culture, that is why butterfly tattoo designs are so desired by people.

If you are considering a butterfly tattoos, then the information below may help you to understand its meaning.

First or foremost, butterflies beauty and uniqueness make it special and popular among the ladies. They have such vibrant colors for their wings and that they possess a usually subtle character. For this reason, a butterfly tattoo may be capable to remind everybody that natural beauty is something that needs to be treasured.

butterfly tattoo designs

Secondly, it is full of mystery especially the metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a butterfly can be so amazed. This sense of mystery has also in a way contributed to their popularity as tattoo designs, since numerous people feel that it represents the mystery within them.

Thirdly, the transformation of a caterpillar to butterfly could be interpreter as an individual’s transformation as well. This has also led to this kind of designs getting well-liked by girls who undergo a comparable transformation or rebirth into ladies gracefully.

Fourth, the butterfly may also symbolized as freedom, great luck and happiness,  Ladies might find this significance a bit more important for them, because of their lack of freedom in history.

Butterfly Tattoos

Lastly, understanding the meaning of a tattoo designs is important because a tattoo can mean differently to different people, what’s important is what it means to you! If you find butterfly Tattoos is the one you want to have. You may go to the internet greatest butterfly tattoo gallery – Chopper Tattoo and TattooMeNow. Each sites feature big tattoo databases with dozens of incredible butterfly Tattoo pictures for you to download and ready to use.


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