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Sexy Girls With Attractive Tattoos

Since the 1990s we have seen a huge increase in the number of girls wearing tattoos. There is now an endless supply of tattoo designs for girls all over the internet and in tattoo studios across the world. Many girls have a tattoo to make them more attractive and their rise in popularity has illustrated this.

Girls from all over the world have tattoos for different purposes and meanings but many just have them for decorative purposes or have them done just because their friends are having one. Those people usually live to regret what they’ve had so take your time in deciding what tattoo designs you want.

The internet has many different tattoo designs for girls ranging from sweet little angels to body covering tribal designs. You can find a huge amount of designs to choose from and below are a few ideas to help you out.

Popular tattoo designs for girls. 

Below are just a few tattoo designs for girls that are found to be more popular with girls rather than boys although I must stress that it is not always the case.


Star tattoos are very popular and are fast becoming one of the trendiest choices of tattoo across Europe and America. They can symbolize many different meanings and are very diverse in size and placement; stars can also be used to compliment another design or symbolize a religion or faith.


Floral tattoo designs are also a very popular choice of tattoo and there are a number of different designs to choose from as there are so many flowers to choose from, each carrying their own meaning to the individual.


Butterfly tattoos show a peaceful and delicate side of a woman and are hugely popular tattoo designs for girls. The butterfly represents a number of meanings depending on your background and culture. Butterflies are known to represent the beginning of a new life.

Tribal Tattoos

Since the turn of the last century more and more girls are choosing to have tribal patterns as there chosen design. Tribal patterns are very unique in design and can really show off the curves of women if placed in the right area.

Deciding on the right tattoo designs can be difficult and everything needs to be taken into consideration as it is going to be with you for the remainder of your life.

Choosing a design that suits your emotions or represents a part of you is a good place to start. You can also seek help from many professionals who are online and available to give their advice on the best tattoo designs for girls.

Other things to consider are where you want your tattoo to go and what colors you are going to use. it is advisable to print your design in the size that you wish to have it as this will help the tattoo artist have an idea of how it would look and what they will charge you.

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