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Popular Butterfly Tattoo Designs

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Butterfly Tattoo Designs are always the tattoo lovers favorite. There are tons of butterfly tattoos designs, if you are wondering which design to choose for. Here are some suggestion of the most popular butterfly tattoo designs for your reference.

back butterfly tattoo designs
back butterfly tattoo designs

Butterflies are really fascinating from their wings, to their colors and sizes. Thus, there is no doubt why more and more people are now choosing butterflies as their tattoo designs. If truth be told, butterfly tattoo designs are very popular for the female population. This is due to the fact that the vibrant colors and the butterfly’s beauty undeniably reflect many women’s personalities in these modern times.

Wide Variety For You To Choose

Nevertheless, this is not only the reason on why butterfly tattoo designs are very well preferred in this day and age, as the butterfly can symbolize beauty and freedom, with a feminine touch.

Butterfly tattoos do come in a wide variety of forms. There are the Celtic butterfly designs, fairy butterfly designs, lower back butterfly designs, and the tribal butterfly designs. As you can notice, the forms of butterfly tattoos depend upon the style, the character, as well as the placement. In point of fact, butterfly tattoo designs can suit many people with the following traits and personalities:

· dynamic and active

· kind-hearted

· nature lover

· patient and hardworking

· peace advocate

· open to changes

· optimistic or tends to view life positively

· have successfully withstand the difficulties in life

Butterfly tattoo designs irrefutably fit the kind of persons mentioned above. So, if you think that you have with you some or all of the traits and characteristics mentioned above then, a butterfly tattoo would be a great choice for you. You simply have to make sure to choose the best style and colors possible. In doing so you will definitely end up with a beautiful butterfly tattoo which you can flaunt for a long time to come.

Celtic butterfly tattoos

Celtic butterfly tattoos is an artwork from Celtic culture. The Celtics were a group of people with rich culture and strong association with nature. Celtic butterfly tattoo from Celtic art work is basically a series of small cord that is drawn as being knotted to itself in an endless chain of line work symbolize eternity and unity. You can also select from a mixture of butterflies and  flowers, stars, zodiac signs, letter or something else make the tattoo more attracting.

Celtic Butterfly Tattoos

Small butterfly tattoos

If you are new to tattoo, then a small one will definitely play safe and won’t be to exeggerate to you. Small butterfly tattoos also can be inked on any part of your boby you like. Hip and shoulder are a common and perfect spots for it.

Small Butterfly Tattoo Designs

Chinese butterfly tattoo designs

Chinese butterfly tattoo designs are one of the popular tattoo. This may have to do with the beautiful yet tragic romance legend between two lover who were against by their parents. They are finally dead and transform to a pair of butterflies emerges from the tomb and flies away. Therefore it is a symbol of romance, love and eternity.

Chinese Butterfly Tattoo Designs

Tribal butterfly tattoos

Mostly tribal tattoos are black with bold lines and stark colors. There are normally are large in size and can be easily recognized by its aggressive dark lines in jagged symmetrical shapes. It is definitely a great choice if you want your butterfly tattoo to have extra dimension.

Tribal butterfly tattoos are especially suitable for those who went trough a rough times in life or, about to start something new life that symbolize rebirth and transformation.

Tribal Butterfly Tattoos

If the above four most popular butterfly tattoo designs attract you and you would like to go for it. You may go to find free designs online. However, we do like to recommend you go for a paid tattoo database as we did if you want a unique tattoo design. They are having thousands of high quality butter tattoo designs in their database. Being their member enable you to download the stencil of your dream tattoo hassle free.


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