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Essential Tattoo Supplies Check List

tattoo glove

1. Tattoo Gloves Use disposable gloves. They help the tattoo artists and customers stay away from infectious diseases. Getting the right gloves before you start to tattoo is extremely important. Tattoo gloves actually play a critical role in preventing the transmission of microorganisms between the tattoo artist and the customer. It is also ideal for … Read more

The Beauty of Angel Tattoo Designs

sexy angel tattoo

In all countries there are some tattoo designs which are universally more popular and appealing than all others, and angel tattoo designs are right up there at the top. This is because angel tattoo designs are so naturally elegant and beautiful but also incredibly versatile. Angel tattoo designs represent the inner beauty of the wearer … Read more

Cherry Blossom Tattoos: Meaning and Significance

chinese cherry blossom tattoo

Cherry blossom tattoos are a very popular choice for women. Many women decide they want cherry blossom tattoos due to the delicate nature of the cherry and the many things which are associated with the cherry blossom. Japanese and Chinese cultures both see the cherry blossom as significant. It’s important that you know the symbolic … Read more

The Meaning of Cross Tattoos

cross tattoo design

Cross tattoo designs are definitely among the most popular tattoo designs in the world today. And even throughout history, with the powerful religious significance the image of the cross has had since Christ. But there is a huge variety of different cross designs out there for tattoos. Because of the amount of choice, it is … Read more

Tattoo of Edelweiss

edelweiss tattoo

So, You’ve Decided To Get A Tattoo of Edelweiss Now what? You need to determine where on your body you want the tattoo of edelweiss, what exact design you want and what artist to stick the ink in. You just can’t get an edelweiss tattoo on a whim – which is, on the one hand, … Read more