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Foot Tattoo Designs

Everyone, at some point in his or her life, has thought about tattoos. Tattoos are considered to be extreme; it’s either one who loves or hates them (including those who sport them).

If you happen to be one of the former, and if you are planning to have your first tattoo, then getting foot tattoo designs could probably be one of your good options, as it is usually small and simple, given the size of the ‘canvas’ (ie. your foot). An added advantage to this is that it will also cost less.

foot tattoo designs
foot tattoo designs

Foot tattoo designs can be one complete design, but because it usually starts out small, it need not be one complete design but a small design that you can add on to, over the years, or as you prefer. It can eventually progress around your ankle, or up your leg.

For the novice, foot tattoo designs are also much preferred because they can also easily be hidden from view. If you are afraid of committing to a permanent design, then have one where you can hide it when you put on a sock or shoe. Especially for those whose workplaces do not allow them or do not consider a tattoo appropriate, it is easy to get one that you can cover up.

Many people, celebrities included, have gone for foot tattoo designs. Different designs have been chosen such as stars and flower tattoos, but a different example would be Nicole Richie, a famous celebrity, who chose a simple rosary anklet for her foot tattoo.

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