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Essential Tattoo Supplies Check List

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1. Tattoo Gloves

Use disposable gloves. They help the tattoo artists and customers stay away from infectious diseases. Getting the right gloves before you start to tattoo is extremely important. Tattoo gloves actually play a critical role in preventing the transmission of microorganisms between the tattoo artist and the customer. It is also ideal for preventing the skin exposure to chemicals, cleaning agents, and body fluids. The transmission of infectious diseases is increasing the demand for gloves for all tattoo artists and is an essential part of the tattoo supplies.

tattoo glove
tattoo glove

2. Tattoo Disinfectants

You need disinfectant tablets to sterilize and clean your needles and potentially infectious tools. In case you have tattoo customers who may actually carry potentially infectious diseases, these disinfectants are your first line of defense for the tattoo artist and the next customer. Look for tablets that are easy and convenient to prepare. Especially those that only require quick soak time, like about 5 minutes, and would be virucidal, fungicidal, bactericidal and tuberculocidal. These disinfectant tablets must be able to kill off dangerous bacteria and virus like herpes, HIV and fungus.

3. Tattoo Ink Cups

Get a variety of different cups and holders for your tattoo ink. Don’t ever try and recycle them. These ink cups for your tattoo are really cheap and you should not compromise safety and cleaniness to save that few cents.

4. Tattoo Disposable Razors

Use disposable razors when needed. You will be surprised by the amount of bacteria that resides on these razor blades when you shave off the last tattoo customer. Disposable razor blades are cheap, so regardless of what most environmentalist will tell you, you have to throw them away after each use. So the tattoo artist who practise good hygiene habits will ensure customers who will feel secure and safe after getting the tattoo.


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