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Dolphin Tattoo Designs

People who love dolphins are often joyful, exuberant, creative individuals. It is easy to see this, as dolphins embody intelligence (they seem to understand people who swim with them, especially those who have trainers) and enjoyment. It is a scientific fact that dolphins’ brains are even larger and more complex than ours. This makes dolphins one of the favorite animals, and dolphin tattoo designs one of the favorite tattoo designs, among many. It simply fascinates us and endears us to them.

cute dolphin tattoo

cute dolphin tattoo

There are hundreds dolphin tattoo designs that can be created, simply because it can be designed in different forms and shapes. It can be curled or outstretched; you can choose to have a number of them together or just one holding a ball on the tip of its nose. Or, simply, even one curled around your ankle.

People who have a strong affinity with the ocean and the waters will love dolphin tattoo designs, as it shows their nature—like the ocean, boundless and free. Some people also believe that dolphin tattoos are magical, in that they become some sort of protector to them.

The beauty of a dolphin design does not end there—one can even mix a dolphin image with other designs, such as a Celtic one, wherein a dolphin sits in the middle of a more complex Celtic border.

Dolphins can also be versatile; a fun-loving and free-spirited person will find a dolphin design suitable, whereas an intellectual, more serious person will also find this design working for him or her. The dolphin as a symbol can suit the needs of many, making dolphin tattoo designs a very popular design, from way back until the future.

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