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Choosing a Piercing You Will Love

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Choosing a piercing is a big deal, and your mom will probably tell you the same thing. While it isn’t as permanent as a tattoo (you can always take it out and let it heal up if you have to) it will still affect how you look, especially if it’s on your face.

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Before you go and actually get your piercing, try following these steps to find something that will look good on you, and that you will love.

Are You Interested In A Facial, Body or Ear Piercing?

If you’re thinking about getting a piercing, you probably have some idea of where you want it. Facial piercings can be anywhere on the face including eyebrows, lip, cheek, tongue and several places in your nose.  A body piercing is harder to see and can include skin piercings, belly piercings and even the piercing of your extremities. Ear piercings are the most common, and the most accepted, and can be placed pretty much anywhere on your ear. In fact, it’s not uncommon for anyone with a piercing to have one or more ear piercings as well.

Does Your Work Or School Prohibit Piercings?

Before you get a piercing, check to see if your work or school prohibits piercings. Some schools say no piercings whatsoever, and some workplaces are the same way. However; most will allow ear piercings.  But just because someone tells you that you can’t have a piercing doesn’t mean you can’t get one, it just means you have to choose one that isn’t as visible. Ear piercings can be hidden by your hair (if it’s long enough), and you can always choose to pierce the cartilage inside of your nose so that you can flip the piercing up out of site. Otherwise, body piercings are completely invisible so long as you wear non-revealing clothing.

Do You Want Something Classic, Sexy, or Daring?

Earrings come in all shapes and sizes, you can go with something elegant and classy such as single earrings, something more commonly thought of as sexy such as nipple piercings or belly piercing, or more daring such as a lip piercing. Take a look at your style and consider who you will be and what you will want to look like in four to five years. You can get something extreme such as gages in your ears and snake bite piercings on your lip now, but think about how it will affect your work and your appearance. If you work somewhere where that sort of thing is acceptable; and you’re a big fan of a modern rock or grunge look, then go for anything you like.  Just remember that something you love now; might not be what you love in five to ten years.

How Much Annoyance Are You Willing To Put Up With?

Some piercings are more annoying than others. It’s a fact that you will learn to live with. For example, a belly piercing runs a higher risk of infection and can catch on clothing. Skin piercings come out more easily than any other piercing and can be ripped out. Earrings are very visible; a tongue ring can require a lot of cleaning and etc. Getting a piercing can be work, you have to take care of it, clean it and pay for rings when they have to be replaced. If you’re willing to put up with the hassle of taking care of it, then you can choose a piercing.

The most important thing to do when choosing a piercing is to look at photos of people with those piercings. If you can find before and after images, all the better, it will give you a better idea of how you will look with the piercing. For example, if you want a nose piercing, you can look up images of people with the piercings, and can sometimes find images with what the person looked like before the piercing.

Always research a piercing before you go in to get it, ask your piercing artist about any possible complications, and then follow his instructions to take care of it in order to prevent problems.

Tongue piercings are extremely popular because they are cool and can be easily hidden. You can also buy them in a wide variety of colours and designs to change your look whenever you want.


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