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Butterfly Tattoo Designs In 2011

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In year 2011, the butterfly tattoo design has turn out to be very trendy for female. Across the world, the butterfly tattoo design happens to be recognized as a symbol of lifestyle, rebirth, reincarnation, as well as love. As the name indicated, butterflies are generally lovely and beautiful creatures. As a result, it’s no surprise as to why a lot of women have chosen to have these tattoo to stick on their body. You may currently have noticed a lot of butterfly tattoo design samples on the internet or on some women bodies.

Many reasons exist for why would the butterfly design turn out to be a wonderful tattoo. First, butterflies tend to look great in just about any size. Numerous women possess a tattoo which is of the size of a quarter of their body while some women will have a butterfly tattoo circulate completely at their back. Second, the design of butterfly tattoos provide themselves to countless color combination. Due to the fact of these creatures are incredibly colorful and glowing, there is of no different for put on the butterfly tattoos on women body. Lastly, these types of tattoos could be placed just about anywhere on a woman’s body and appear to be attractive.
butterfly tattoo 1

butterfly tattoo 2

butterfly tattoo 3

butterfly tattoo 4

butterfly tattoo 5


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