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Body Piercing

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In recent times body-art has become so popular that today on the street it is difficult to meet a person without piercing or tattoo on his or her body. Once narrow caste of piercing lovers is becoming wider and wider; more and more people want to pierce not only their earlobes, but lips, nostrils, eyebrows, navels, tongues, cheeks, and other even more unusual parts of their bodies.

What Is Piercing and What Can One Expect from It?

Piercing means making a hole in this or that part of body with the help of a special needle. Into this hole an adornment is inserted. Usually this adornment has the form of a ring. As a rule, such parts of body as earlobes, nostrils and navels are pierced. If all hygienic norms and rules are followed, and the specialist who makes piercing is qualified enough, the procedure is absolutely harmless for health. Generally, visiting a body-art salon in order to make piercing, you can expect the following stages:

–           The part of body, which you are going to pierce (except the tongue) is processed with bactericidal soap (soap, which eliminates pathogenic bacteria and microorganisms).

–           After this your skin is pierced with a very sharp and very clean needle.

–           Into the hole a sterilized adornment (usually a ring) is threaded.

–           A specialist who makes a piercing throws the needle away into a special container, which lets prevent infection.

–           The skin around the hole is processed with a disinfectant.

–           A specialist who makes a piercing makes sure that the adornment sits in the hole tightly enough.

–           A specialist who makes a piercing gives recommendations about what you should do for quick healing of the hole and what you are to undertake in case any complications or problems appear.

Before You Make Up Your Mind to Piercing

If you are thinking of piercing, make a small investigation first. Some beauty salons don’t make piercing to teenagers under 18 without their parents’ permission, made in a written form. Also you are recommended to learn about possible complications after the procedure and how to prevent infection. Some parts of body are more difficult to pierce than others. For example, the piercing of nostrils or lips is connected with a higher risk of infectioning, because there are a lot of bacteria in nasal and oral cavities. Tongue piercing can make harm to the teeth in future. Tongue and lips piercing can cause gum diseases also.

According to scientific researches results, people, suffering from certain heart diseases, are more liable to infections, which can cause cardiac arrest. People, suffering from different allergies, diabetes, skin diseases, diseases of immune system, as well as pregnant women, should be very careful and consult a doctor before visiting a body-art salon. Also piercing is not recommended to people, whose skin is too sensitive or inclined to keloid cicatrix formation.

If You’ve Decided to Make a Piercing

–           Make all necessary inoculations (especially against viral hepatitis and tetanus)

–           Think about where you can go and whom you can consult in case of complications or infectioning (signs of infection are abnormal reddening of the area of piercing, extreme sensitivity of skin around the hole, constant bleeding, purulent discharge, changing of skin color). Moreover, if you are going to pierce the tongue or a cheek, visit a dentist first, to make sure that you don’t have problems with your teeth and mouth cavity.

Last but not least: check sanitary and hygienic conditions of the salon. Though in most salons all hygienic rules and norms are strictly followed, there can be exceptions.


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Garry is a piercing expert, writes for – Body Jewelry Store where you can find high-quality piercing jewelry and useful piercing supplies and tools.


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