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10 Impressive Forearm Tattoos for Men

Tattoos have been around for centuries, but over the last few decades, they’ve become an iconic part of people’s style. I personally REALLY like the way a man looks with tattoos. Especially when you can see them poking out of his professional clothes. Whew! That gets me all excited!

Let’s talk about 10 impressive forearm tattoos for men. If you… or your man… aren’t sure about getting a permanent tattoo, you can always start off with temporary tattoos and see how you feel before you make the lifelong commitment. is a great place to buy temporary tattoos if you just want something for the weekend.

1. Tribal
Tribal tattoos have been around since the ancient people would ink their skin before combat. Some people don’t like them, and granted they are a very popular tattoo style, but you can still get some intricate tribal tattoo designs for your forearm. Wrapping the design around the entire arm is a must for tribal.

man tribal tattoo

2. Ornamental
Ornamental tattoos have been used for generations around the world. They are formed of simple designs, usually with intricate line work mixed with small symbols. The Ornamental tattoo will have a very different meaning depending what symbol you choose, and it is wise to do some research to make sure your symbol means something you are familiar with instead of something random and out of context.

3. Sugar Skulls
Based on the original designs of the Mexican Day of the Dead festivals. Originating in the 17th century, these artistic skulls have become another popular medium for tattoos. Sometimes they can be a kaleidoscope of fantastic color or a simple black lined design.

4. Simple Designs
Simple tattoos are as the name suggests, simple. The designs are often one solid color or outline and can be used in many different ways to create a great tattoo. Trees, hearts, and skulls make up the most common simple tattoos but you can also count small text-based tattoos as a simple tattoo.

5. World map
Having a map on your forearm is an awesome tattoo idea. You can personalize them by marking the places you have visited with an X or with places you would want to see, as well as customizing the design with a wide variety of colors you will have a truly unique design.

6. Portraits
Having a portrait of a loved one or someone you idolize on your forearm sends a very strong message to people. It shows you care deeply enough about someone to have their image in your arm, for yourself and the entire world to see. Make sure your artist is familiar with portraits and shading for an amazing piece of artwork.

7. Stag
The stag is another great forearm tattoo. Adding something unique to the antlers can make it a personalized design, or having the skull instead are great ways to make the design unique.

8. 3D
3D tattoos are quickly becoming massively popular as artists skills improve and new tattoo guns are developed allowing the artists to achieve a greater level of fine detail.

9. Symbolism
Symbols make great tattoos wherever they are. Do some research and get a tattoo of the one which symbolizes your personality or a trait that you aspire towards. Don’t just get something cos it looks cool.

10. Sanskrit
Sanskrit is a very ancient language and makes great looking tattoos. Make sure you have your writing translated by a professional to avoid embarrassing mistakes.

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