Vagina Tattoo

Vagina Examination for Tattooing

Vatooing Your Vagina

I am pleased to announce that vagina tattoos are officially mainstream, with a how-to video on YouTube and blog posts here regarding vagina tattoo. Unfortunately, the internet keeps calling it a “vatoo”, when the superior term is clearly “twattoo”.

Now I realise that twattoo practitioners have so far favored “vatoo”, and everyone’s probably using that term in deference to their expertise. But is “va” really enough to indicate “vagina”? Vatoo’s predecessor, “vajazzle”, includes that crucial soft-g consonant sound. “Twattoo”, on the other hand, contains both “twat” and “tattoo” in their entirety. If someone shouted “Vatoo!” on a crowded street, you’d probably reply, “Gesundheit!” But if a lady sidled up to you at a bar and purred “Twattoo” in your ear, you’d know exactly what she meant.

“Twattoo” also allows you to sneak a naughty word into conversation without actually saying anything naughty. There are only so many conversations you can have about “Uranus”, “pupu platters” and “Lake Titicaca”, after all.

Vagina Tattoo Picture

vagina tattoo picture

vagina tattoo picture

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26 Responses to “Vagina Tattoo”
  1. Beadle87 says:

    hmmmm could of went for something a little classier ! just my opinion ! u have such a hot bod n uve kinda ruined it !

  2. samantha69in says:

    She better hopes she never gets pregnant and ruins that tight ass body and the V is for vagina!!!! It happens!!! LOL

  3. RichmanJ93 says:

    wow big mistake she made.

  4. mariahtsukiko says:

    lol at 2:03 it looks nasty…just think about it…

  5. Inuyashafan101Meghan says:

    o god i dont even want to think about that DX i want a tattoo but i heard when u get older it will turn out bad

  6. tjsei says:

    @dooovde hahahaah i like the way u think lol

  7. Marlborolights13 says:

    The guys like.. what?

  8. dooovde says:

    I wanna be a vagina artis…I mean tattoo artist.

  9. KoolaidJammers1000 says:

    @Mikerosoftt lmfao agreed!!!!

  10. kudge43 says:

    why not t for twat?

  11. purplebsg18 says:

    lol. it would of been better if she had a tattoo and an arrow pointing. maybe the word yummy then an arrow pointing down. lol!!!!

  12. w00tw00t12 says:

    @mmdray LOL

  13. kohlslaw65 says:

    What’s with girls thinking tattoos r hot. I mean ankle tats and what not rnt bad, but sleeve tattoos? Bitch please

  14. AliLiz17 says:

    its not even on her vagina its on her fucking stomach

  15. bluefin12 says:

    Why would she do that to her body? How’s a decent man going to see that and not think ‘tramp” with that stamp? A shame these young dumb girls today. She doesn’t know what she is doing.

  16. iceBomb34 says:

    she shouldve just stuck with the v not the v for vagina after reading mikerosoftt’s comment

  17. skotchybonbonice says:

    wowo, did it hurts much???

  18. rachyyful says:

    dumbest tatto ever

  19. pinkbeany says:

    Thats just so she doesn’t forget that she has one….

  20. picklehead41 says:

    @mmdray Her forehead

  21. ShakeITyEA says:

    id hit that

  22. mmdray says:

    “D” is for Dumbass! Find a place for that tattoo!

  23. ILTONER says:

    this bitch is a retard

  24. NR129 says:

    i gotta say that was a stupid idea to do…..whats your boyfriend gonna get P for Penis!

  25. dksftwpwned says:

    wow thats hot

  26. chip mccook says:

    To b honest i like anything that has to do with hot tight vagina.And i bet it taste awsome

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