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At you can now get a free tattoo catalog with over 200 tattoo designs to help you find the right tattoos for you. If it’s a particular type of tattoo that you’re looking for, you can easily find it with this catalog too through our links to sites that contain exclusive, high resolution tattoo designs that you can easily print out and take to your tattoo artist. So click on this link to get your free tattoo designs catalog today

Getting a pain-free tattoo is not quite possible, but they generally don’t hurt that bad unless they are done in more sensitive areas like the elbow or back of the knee. Learn more about the minimal pain involved with receiving body ink withtips from an experienced tattoo artist in this free video on body art. Filmmaker: Sheldon Bradley

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25 Responses to “Free Tattoo Catalogs – Printable Tattoos”
  1. boniphoenix says:

    It also depends on the pain threshold of the individual. Everyone experiences physical pain differently, no one is the same as another. So it’s really a waste of time asking others how a tattoo feels because you might feel more or less pain than that person :)

  2. sniper11122 says:

    getting a tattoo in 7 days CHEA!!!!! i’m nerves but excited aswell but its all worth it in the end

  3. dukepride9 says:

    im 17 and getting a tattoo in a couple weeks. i’m nerves but excited!!!!

  4. MrCHODE67 says:

    thank you in getting under my arms done in 3 weeks this video made me feel alot better :D

  5. Genocidleteaparty says:

    His right you know..Tattooing doesn’t hurt as much as you might think, notice the only ppl that say tattoos hurt really bad are ppl that don’t have any? I personally love the feeling, if you’re like, really stressed or wound up, go get a tattoo it might feel like someone just spanked the area you got done like a thousand times when you’re done, but other than that you’ll feel like a’million bucks :)

  6. MrBender1993 says:

    sick band shirt

  7. mazafuzle says:


  8. metalsavedmylife says:

    rip dime is awsome

  9. metalsavedmylife says:

    where did u get it same deal with me im gonna get one

  10. mazafuzle says:


  11. mtkilla253 says:

    Or somone just took a clothes hanger over a hot stove and shuved it up someones ass

  12. mazafuzle says:

    im 15 and for my bday i got tattooed i think the pain is like holding a shockpen for 10 sec

    thanks for the vid

  13. zeroboy666cole says:

    just some spots hurt like hell the next day,i just got my thy done

  14. blackxthink says:

    yeah, when you’re done getting tattooed , You’re relaxed at 100%

  15. blackxthink says:


    there’s not really age restriction exept if you’re under 13 .. lol

    But you need a parent , and it depends where you get it.

    I got a full sleeve At 16 years old (im 17 now :P)

  16. halotango3 says:

    how old you gotta be to get a tattoo

  17. realguy420 says:

    yeah getting tattoo’d feels great, very theraputic feeling. =)

  18. aleks8825 says:

    yea he talks about it in another video, but applying too much of it can fade the tattoo, and cause it to heal slower

  19. mrjrich100 says:

    is it possible to numb the area before tating

  20. wedgie481 says:

    lol vile dude

  21. dumbstuff1 says:

    sick boy really sick

  22. YukaYotu says:

    That comment was uncalled for.

  23. 911mykidsdead says:

    so does that mean i need to look for another partner?

  24. bitcheznhos says:

    i tattooed my puckered asshole and it hurt real bad. but now i don’t need anal to have that bleeding and scab look back in my poop hole

  25. amoo2007 says:

    yeaaa you become addictive them, but it takes a certain kind of people to feel that way u kno? not everybody goes and gets ink into their body with a needle and hopes to do it again soon…lol. the worse was the shading for me, specially since the skin was already irritaded. whatever one gets in the form of a tattoo should be great looking and very meaningful so whatever u get needs to be like that, i think. let us know when u do!

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